• Minimal human interaction
  • Self-automated
  • 30 day water retention iPot
  • Sleek, modern design and colours to suit various interiors
  • Organically grown
  • Time and money saving

About Garden Time

Garden Time is a self-automated grow system running on 888 technology.

The 888 technology is an automated cycle between 8-hour periods. For example:

  • 8 hours grow (7am - 3pm)
  • 8 hours light (3pm - 11pm)
  • 8 hours off (rest 11pm - 7am)

The iPot also retains up to 30 days of water, slowly feeding your plants day by day.

Garden Time has limitless settings, it could be used either as fresh herbs on your counter ready to put into your cooking, or plant design to bring a bit of nature into your home or office. Best of all, none of your living organisms will die and fail miserably like in the past. How?

Because Garden Time is self-automated, it requires very little care and attention from human contact. Garden time uses very little of your power only consuming 0.1kw/day! That is if you forget about your Garden Time say for a whole month, your plants and herbs would still be alive and well. Best of all, they grow at a rate faster than normal!

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Starter Kit contains: seedling potting mix, mist sprayer and 2 packets of seeds of your selection. Starter kits are available in all states except Western Australia and Tasmania due to strict biosecurity laws.

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Garden Time Australia - Dimensions

330cm x 330cmBody and Parameters

Intelligent Pot

Garden Time's iPot contains an inner and outer pot design, removable from one another. The iPot holds your water down below where a rope running end to end and up into the sPot feeds your plants.

The design slowly allows water to be fed through the roots over time, meaning they will never be thirsty won't perish. The iPot is the beating heart of Garden Time. iPot also carries an intelligent buoy to notify you as to when water levels are running low.

Soil Pot

The sPot contains your soil and plants themselves with the rope from the iPot placed into the soil. sPot can hold any plant and can accommodate even the wildest of garden designs. Let your imagination run free!

Self-automated grow technology

Grow your Garden Time with minimal human intervention

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Reading light

The reading light is a white LED light. It can be used for various settings as light for your cookbook, reading a book, or a light in general.

Grow light

Garden Time's grow light is purple in colour, and is made out of LED's because of their low cost, low voltage and low heat design. They are as effective as any other grow light on the market today. Grow light is also dimmable in its programmable settings so you have full control over plant growth rate. Photosynthesis; perfect for plant growth.


The automated 888 design of Garden Time is its stand-out feature. Running on 8 hours grow, 8 hours light and 8 hours off, your plants will never skip a beat of growth throughout their lives, whilst enjoying a balanced lifestyle. The white light also acts as your bed side, table or reading light.


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