• Minimal human interaction
  • Self-automated
  • 30 day water retention iPot
  • Sleek, modern design and colours to suit various interiors
  • Organically grown
  • Time and money saving

About Garden Time

Garden Time is a self-automated grow system running on 888 technology.

The 888 technology is an automated cycle between 8-hour periods. For example:

  • 8 hours grow (7am - 3pm)
  • 8 hours light (3pm - 11pm)
  • 8 hours off (rest 11pm - 7am)

The iPot also retains up to 30 days of water, slowly feeding your plants day by day.

Garden Time has limitless settings, it could be used either as fresh herbs on your counter ready to put into your cooking, or plant design to bring a bit of nature into your home or office. Best of all, none of your living organisms will die and fail miserably like in the past. How?

Because Garden Time is self-automated, it requires very little care and attention from human contact. Garden time uses very little of your power only consuming 0.1kw/day! That is if you forget about your Garden Time say for a whole month, your plants and herbs would still be alive and well. Best of all, they grow at a rate faster than normal! Garden Time is the perfect solution to grow your personal Herb garden within a very short period of time. It is a unique gift and the perfect gift idea for any occasion.

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Starter Kit contains: seedling potting mix, mist sprayer and 2 packets of seeds of your selection. Starter kits are available in all states except Western Australia and Tasmania due to strict biosecurity laws.

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Garden Time Australia - Dimensions

330cm x 330cmBody and Parameters

Intelligent Pot - iPot

Garden Time's iPot contains an inner and outer pot design, removable from one another. The iPot holds your water down below where a rope running end to end and up into the sPot feeds your plants.

The design slowly allows water to be fed through the roots over time, meaning they will never be thirsty won't perish. The iPot is the beating heart of Garden Time. iPot also carries an intelligent buoy to notify you as to when water levels are running low.

Soil Pot

The sPot contains your soil and plants themselves with the rope from the iPot placed into the soil. sPot can hold any plant and can accommodate even the wildest of garden designs. Let your imagination run free!

Looking for the best Gift Idea

Sometimes it can be hard coming up with great gift ideas for your loved ones. That’s why the Garden time is so perfect. It’s not something that will need to be tossed into the compost in just a few days like a bouquet of flowers does, nor will it be gone in a matter of minutes like a meal out will be. Your thoughtfulness will live on.

When it comes time to find a great graduation gift for someone who has completed university, Garden Time makes a unique gift that your favourite grad can take with them wherever life’s roads take them. Whether they end up living in a tiny flat or a grand house, a Garden Time will fit their life.

Self-automated grow technology

Grow your Garden Time with minimal human intervention

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Reading light

The reading light is a white LED light. It can be used for various settings as light for your cookbook, reading a book, or a light in general.

Grow light

Garden Time's grow light is purple in colour, and is made out of LED's because of their low cost, low voltage and low heat design. They are as effective as any other grow light on the market today. Grow light is also dimmable in its programmable settings so you have full control over plant growth rate. Photosynthesis; perfect for plant growth.


The automated 888 design of Garden Time is its stand-out feature. Running on 8 hours grow, 8 hours light and 8 hours off, your plants will never skip a beat of growth throughout their lives, whilst enjoying a balanced lifestyle. The white light also acts as your bed side, table or reading light.

Gift the Fun of Growing a Garden of Herbs in Australia When You Buy a Kit with Planters Featuring a Built-In Grow Light

Having a connection to the natural world in or around your house can be an important part of feeling comfortable and creating an atmosphere that feels like home. Unfortunately, we don't always have room around our living spaces for a garden, and one may not even have space for a box in the window. If you want to give a unique gift to someone that could brighten up their space with some greenery, how can you get around these common problems? The answer is to do a little bit of thinking outside the box. What if you could buy an herb garden kit that was extraordinarily simple to care for while also offering excellent growth performance?

With Garden Time herbplanters, anyone in Australia can enjoy watching fresh herbs growing right in their own home with a minimum of intervention. This automated, space-conscious device contains an innovative nesting pot design that ensures adequate watering at all times. In combination with an internal software-based system that controls the grow cycle, this herb planter is a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Packages include everything your gift recipient would need to get started. Let's take this opportunity to take a closer look at how the Garden Time works in more detail.

The most convenient of herb planters available in Australia

The first step after unpacking is to set everything up for operation. The iPot includes both an inner and outer pot; one is for the soil and the seeds, and the other is for water. A small wick rope connects the two and naturally allows water to flow into the soil as it evaporates. After filling each pot with the appropriate substances, your recipient can plant their seeds and set the herbgardenanywhere, with light or without; no natural sun is necessary for the Garden Time to work.

Now set up the 888 schedule and let everything take care of itself! For eight hours a day, the garden will receive the invigorating power of the grow light; for the next eight hours, it receives regular, calming white light. Overnight, the light automatically shuts off, so there's no need to worry about it interfering with sleep if you keep it in the bedroom. With very little intervention, your recipient can watch the herbs sprout, grow, and mature. After a harvest, refreshing the soil and planting new seeds are all it takes to restart the process.

Give the gift of growing herbs to someone you love

Rather than going to the store to buy them, growingherbs is incredibly fun and rewarding. That's even truer when you don't have to worry about accidentally ruining the plants' potential for growth. Explore more about the Garden Time and why it makes such an exciting gift, or start shopping for one today — it's an ideal addition to practically any home. Want to know more, or have questions about what you can grow in the iPot? Contact us for a friendly chat.

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Want to Start Your Own Herb Garden but Don't Have Space for Big Pots? Choose an Indoor Kit with Its Own Light Source Instead

Are you the type of person who loves to take the opportunity to cook at home? If so, you know there's nothing quite as delicious as adding fresh herbs to your dishes. The vibrant, crisp flavours they impart to your dishes are better than the results you can often get when used dried herbs. The reality is, though, they don't keep very long when you purchase them from the market; that can mean you don't often have access to the herbs you'd like when you want them. Perhaps you've considered growing your own, but are you living in a space where you can't exactly start tilling and planting? Don't worry: with the Garden Time indoor herb kit, you can get started right on your kitchen counter or bedside table.

We designed the Garden Time with one thing in mind: to create a robust growing environment in places with little access to natural light or soil. With its iPot (Intelligent Pot) and innovative 888 timing system, each Garden Time unit is like a self-contained gardener. All that's left to you is to pot the plants, keep their water reservoir at an appropriate level, and wait! Before your eyes, your garden will sprout, grow, and provide you with that quick, fresh handful of herbs your dishes need.

The secret behind the GardenTime indoor herb kit

This indoor herb garden uses light in two different ways: one in a natural, white colour, and the other light — the grow light — uses a purple hue that more effectively promotes photosynthesis within your plants. Using what we call the 888 system, your plants experience a precisely timed eight hours of each of grow light, regular light, and no light at all, simulating an intensive grow cycle. With a pot that holds a thirty-day supply of water, your indoor garden kit is self-watering, too.

A built-in indicator lets you know when the water needs a refresh, but otherwise, setup is simple, and operating is otherwise hands-free. Plants need plenty of care, and you can't always be home to tend to them — but the Garden Time always has what your plants need. Its space-saving design comes in several colours, from a clean, minimalist white to a rustic wooden look. Each design is otherwise identical, allowing you to bring a touch of green to your home.

Pick your favourite style and prepare to enjoy fresh herbs all the time

Our indoor herb pots aren't just perfect for personal enjoyment, though: they make excellent gifts, too. Since it takes so little effort to be successful with the Garden Time, they're ideal for anyone who has an interest in gardening or might like to grow some of their own herbs. We invite you to learn more about how this product works. When you're ready, you can shop and place your order for shipment. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

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