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Garden Time makes the Perfect gift idea

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Do the things you see in stores not suit the person you are shopping for? Consider the gift of a plant, but not just in any container. Garden Time is perfect for anyone – young or old, green thumb or not.

What is Garden Time?

Garden Time is a modern way to keep plants happy and healthy indoors. You can grow a wide variety of plants from succulents to bonsai to herbs for the kitchen. Garden Time means you don’t have to do a lot of work caring for your plants. It automates the watering process thanks to the iPot system that can hold up to 30 days of water. A wick runs through the iPot water pot and brings up just the right amount of water to your plants.

Anniversary gift - Garden Time

The light in the Garden Time container gives you simulated daylight so your plants grow fuller than they otherwise would indoors. Garden Time does this thanks to the 888 Technology.

This allows for growing time, light time, and rest time in eight-hour intervals – or whatever interval your gift recipient chooses.

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Because you are growing plants inside away from pests and weeds, you can have truly organically grown herbs that grow even faster than they would outdoors. You can save money on favourite kitchen herbs over what you would spend in the market, and you get the joy that comes from growing your own plants.

Garden Time comes in several designs, including black, white, and wood-grain, so they fit into any décor. You can also get Garden Time models that have a mister built in for those plants that love to have their leaves lightly watered.
There are any number of settings your gift recipient can set to adapt to whatever the plant needs. You don’t have to worry about the Garden Time taking up too much energy, since it uses 1/10 of a kilowatt a day to operate.

Even brown thumbs will love receiving Garden Time as a gift because the two-pot design gives plants constant water and the light from the unit will ensure plants are given care, even when the owner forgets for as long as 30 days.
Your gift will not take up much room, either, as the Garden Time unit is only 330 millimetres (13 inches) on each side and 150 millimetres wide. It’s lightweight at only 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds), so even the smallest mini house or studio apartment can have a beautiful garden inside.


Garden Time units are durable, thanks to their ABS synthetic resin construction

The pot’s design is what makes it truly unique and special. The exterior iPot keeps the water at the perfect level, and it will tell you when it needs to be replenished, so your plants stay perfectly watered all the time.
The inner pot, the sPot, is what holds the plants. The cord from the iPot comes up from the bottom and into the soil using science to keep your plants fed and happy. Any plant small enough to fit into the Garden Time unit is perfect for this system. Your gift recipient can also choose to do bonsai in their Garden Time, letting them take part in the Zen-like activity and miniaturize landscapes as they wish. Any garden design you come up with is going to work. You are only limited by your creativity.

Your gift of a Garden Time is multi-faceted, too. Your gift recipient can use the LED light as a reading light by setting the Garden Time on a shelf or side table. Keep cookbooks nearby and discover new recipes by the light of the Garden Time as well.
The grow light takes advantage of plants’ abilities to use purple wavelengths for photosynthesis. Garden Time uses purple LED lights for the grow cycle which give plants exactly what they crave and give your gift recipient the advantage of low heat, low voltage light that won’t draw too much power or cost too much to run. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Programmable settings mean your gift recipient can completely customize the light, grow, and dark settings so that plants get exactly what they want. Not every plant loves direct sunlight, and the Garden Time can accommodate that easily.

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The perfect gift idea

Sometimes it can be hard coming up with great gift ideas for your loved ones. That’s why the Garden time is so perfect. It’s not something that will need to be tossed into the compost in just a few days like a bouquet of flowers does, nor will it be gone in a matter of minutes like a meal out will be. Your thoughtfulness will live on.
When it comes time to find a great graduation gift for someone who has completed university, Garden Time makes a unique gift that your favourite grad can take with them wherever life’s roads take them. Whether they end up living in a tiny flat or a grand house, a Garden Time is the perfect gift that will fit their life.

Garden Time is also a lovely housewarming gift. It’s such fun to come home to a fresh herb garden in the kitchen that will brighten up any meal, even on the rainiest of days. Your gift recipients will appreciate your creativity in giving them a gift that can be used every day.

Sometimes finding an anniversary gift can be hard. To be certain, those charts that show you what gift goes with each year are handy, but they also can be almost cliché. A unique gift like Garden Times shows you put thought and care into picking out their gift within a big choice of gift ideas. One of the toughest gifts to buy for is a 50th anniversary. You know the couple has been through many years of good and rough times together, and stayed truly in love through it all. Why not honour that life together with a living gift?

Did you just find out a good friend has gotten engaged? Let the new couple know you want them to have a lifetime of good cheer with a Garden Time! Because of its durable construction, the Garden Time will last a long time and your couples gift will be sure to delight year after year.

How can you say thank you to someone who did a great favour for you? A Garden Time system will be a clever thank you gift that will encourage your friend and bring cheer to them whenever they see the living gift you have thoughtfully shared.
Your parents have done so much for you over the years. They’ve hugged away bruised knees and taught you how to drive. They’ve shared your laughs and your tears. Show them how much you care and how much you appreciate them with a Garden Time gift for dad or for mum.

It can be hard to find a perfect gift for a favourite teacher, but Garden Time fits the bill. Imagine how much joy the students will also have when they can plant a packet of seeds together and watch the seedlings grow!

Garden Time is also a perfect gift for families with curious children. Its small size is just right for little fingers. Planting a miniature garden together is a lot of fun and it can be educational, too.


Do you have a pet lover on your gift list?

Garden Time is great for growing small pots of grass for your dog or cat, or for growing fresh catmint that will make kitty swoon.

One of the toughest presents to buy is a birthday gift. You know you want to find something unique that not everyone has already, but you are completely stumped. Why not give a Garden Time? This is the ideal type of gift that shows how much you understand your friend or loved one and that you are a trend-setter, not a trend-follower.
Do you know someone at university who might be feeling a bit homesick? Why not let them know you are thinking of them with a Garden Time? They can take a stress break from the craziness of classes and care for their plants, and they don’t have to worry about their plants getting enough light or water so no matter how their room is arranged, their plants will thrive. Plus, a plant will remind them you love them and that they are never alone.

Has it been a long dark winter? Do you know a plant person who could use a little pick-me-up? A Garden Time will get them thinking about spring when they can start curating seeds and get their fragile little plants stronger and ready to transfer to their outdoor garden when the weather shifts to warmer days and sunnier skies.

When you get stumped by the prospect of not knowing what to get someone as a gift, consider the Garden Time system. Its unique 888 Technology ensures your gift recipient’s plants will grow strong and healthy, and the Garden Time’s small profile makes it the perfect gift for anyone.

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