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Anniversary gifts: Celebrate Special Anniversaries with Garden Time

We celebrate many traditional and non-traditional anniversaries in our lives. Think of all the people you know (including yourself) who are, or will be celebrating the anniversary of a first date, a wedding, induction into service, graduating from school, the adoption of a child or pet, and even the anniversary of overcoming a personal challenge.

 anniversary gifts

Garden Time Brings Nature Indoors 

The unique design of the Garden Time system means that anyone can enjoy the pleasures of growing a variety of plants inside all year long.

Garden Time containers take only a modest amount of space – perfect for people who live in studio apartments, tiny homes, or even caravans.   The Garden Time unit measures only 330 millimetres (13 inches) on each side and is 150 millimetres wide. The planter is also lightweight, weighing only 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds).

Don’t confuse small with flimsy structure or uninspired design. These containers are durable, thanks to their ABS synthetic resin construction. They are available in black, white, and wood-grain models to complement any décor.

What sets Garden Time container plant systems apart from other systems are its unique growing features. Each unit has an automatic iPot watering system that holds up to 30 days of water. A centrally-placed wick draws water up into the pot, ensuring that your plants receive just the right amount of water and fertilizer needed. The built-in sensor lets you know when the water reservoir needs to be refilled so your plants remain properly hydrated at all times.

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Each pot is actually two pots in one. The exterior portion of the iPot keeps the water reservoir level and a sensor lets you know when it is time to add water. The interior iPot holds the soil and plants.

The Garden Time planter becomes a complete growing environment with its grow light system. Plants utilize nature’s purple wavelengths for photosynthesis. Garden Time uses purple LED lights to provide exactly the amount and kind of light plants need for their growth cycles.

The Garden Time planter is safe and economical to operate, making it one of the more thoughtful and cost-effective anniversary gifts you may give. Your gift offers an additional benefit to your recipient. Placed on shelving or a table near a favourite chare, the Garden Time’s LED light can be used as a reading light, too! 

Garden Time’s planters have programmable settings (thanks to its 888 Technology) so plants receive the optimal amounts of light and dark periods for growth and rest, and watering, If the recipient’s choice of plants require regular misting, Garden Time offers models with a built-in misting system.

anniversary gift ideas 

Who’s on Your Anniversary List? 

Admittedly, an indoor plant growing system is somewhat non-traditional as far as anniversary gifts go. But think of all the unique and wonderful people you know who are (or will be) celebrating important anniversaries. Why not honour their uniqueness with a unique gift?

A Garden Time planter is a special way to celebrate a first wedding anniversary. That first year is often a period of growing and nurturing each other and their partnership. Perhaps you are the couple who loves to cook special meals using the freshest ingredients and organically grown herbs. A Garden Time planter may be symbolic of your growth and nurturing – and good dining.  

Gifting a special tree or plant is an increasingly popular way of honouring a group or individual. Garden Time anniversary gifts bring this life-affirming tradition into the recipient’s home, office, or classroom. Some anniversary gifts are given in honour of a loved one who has passed. The beauty of living plants can bring healing and comfort every day of the year.


Is there a teacher in your life who is about to celebrate a benchmark anniversary? A Garden Time planter in the classroom or office is not only a potential teaching tool. It also enhances the environment and celebrates the nurturing relationship between teacher and students.

Some families enjoy doing something special to celebrate the anniversary of a child’s or children’s adoption. A Garden Time planter can become a delightful family project and a treasured reminder that the child/children, like the plants, have been lovingly chosen and cared for.

Anniversary gifts are sometime given to commemorate achieving a milestone date over a personal difficulty such as an addiction. Gardening on an indoor or outdoor basis has been shown to be therapeutic, offering solace and inspiration to the gardener.

 anniversary gift ideas

Garden Time Possibilities

There are few limits to what can be grown using a Garden Time plant growing system. Use it to incubate seedlings, keep your kitchen supplied with fresh herbs, or cultivate a bonsai tree. The Garden Time system is an easy-care anniversary gift with nearly endless possibilities.

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For more information and inspiration about Garden Time planter systems, please click here.

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