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Grow your Herb Garden with the starter Kit of Herbs for Your Garden Time

Whether you are buying a Garden Time for yourself or as a gift for someone special, you can also pick up a starter kit so you can get going with your fresh herb garden right away. The kit comes with two packets of seeds, a misting spray bottle, and seedling potting mix, so you have everything you need to get started. Choose from 21 different herbs for just $19.99 and enjoy watching your own herb garden grow in your kitchen window or on your desk at work.

Read on to learn a bit more about 10 of our most popular selections.



We offer three types of basil – cinnamon, sweet, and a gourmet mix. The liquorice-flavoured sweet version of the herb is one of the most common found in Italian cuisine, but other varieties make appearances in Southeast Asian food. There’s even a separate variety called Thai basil, which has a more lemony flavour (not available in the starter kit). Basil is related to the mint plants, but this one has been called the King of Herbs. It has been grown in India for over five millennia. In harsher climates, basil is considered an annual, but in your Garden Time, it can grow year-round.


These tiny relatives of the onion help lend an oniony flavour to dishes without overpowering the dish. They are also easy to grow and very hardy. During the spring chives put out delightful pinky-purple globes of flowers. It grows all over the world and is one of the few plants to be considered native in both Europe and North America. It’s delightfully easy to just snip off a few leaves and mince them up to add zip to soups, or flavour a stir-fry. Lay them flat against fish en papilotte before wrapping to add a gentle flavour to your next meal.


coriander - garden timeThis classic herb has been grown for thousands of years all over Europe, and even by the Pharaohs in Egypt. The ancient Greeks used to grow it for perfume. In the US, coriander is also called cilantro. If you let it go to seed, the seeds can be dried and ground into powdered coriander, which has a lovely, almost citrusy flavour. It brightens up any dish, even breakfast eggs, and it is surprisingly high in vitamin A. It’s easy to grow, and your Garden Time makes it even easier with the 8-8-8 technology giving your coriander a perfect amount of light every day.

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Mint loves to grow in damp areas that are not soggy, so the Garden Time’s consistent water means your mint will be very happy. Its aromatic fragrance awakens the senses, and it can be a great booster when you are feeling run-down. Peppermint oil can be used in baking to give plain sugar cookies a big boost, and it’s a perfect addition to other desserts.


Oregano is another herb that gives Italian food its distinctive flavour, but it is also used in Mexican food. It’s a native of the Mediterranean area and it’s a cousin of marjoram. It can be used fresh, getting minced into pasta sauces, or it can be dried and jarred up to use during even the coldest off-season months. A quick pinching between the fingers before sprinkling it into a pot of beans will reinvigorate the flavour.

Parsley - Italian and curled

Choose from either curly leaf or Italian parsley for your Garden Time starter kit and enjoy the slightly bitter boost parsley gives to food. It’s a signature seasoning in tabbouleh, and it’s no surprise because it is also a native plant to the Mediterranean area, including Northern Africa. The entire plant is edible, so if you want to have a unique root vegetable to roast, consider harvesting a mature parsley plant. The leaves make for an excellent garnish and palate cleanser. Italian parsley tends to have flatter leaves versus the curly leaf variety.


rocket - Garden TimeAlso known as arugula, this peppery salad green has become much more popular in recent years. It’s very easy to grow and can be harvested leaf by leaf instead of as a large head like some lettuces. It adds a distinctive flavour to your salads, and it’s a perfect thing to pair with a fatty fish like salmon.


This famous herb has both culinary and medicinal uses. It adds the distinctive flavour that breakfast sausages have and Christmas dressing wouldn’t be the same, plus it has some antimicrobial properties. The Romans used to use it for an anaesthetic tonic on the skin, and monks in the Middle Ages used to grow it throughout their monastery gardens. It’s part of the four great herbs heralded in song, and now you can grow it in your own garden.


Though it won’t make you grow huge muscles in a matter of seconds like you see Popeye grow, spinach is good for you. It’s high in magnesium and iron. It likes to grow in soft soils, so the potting mix you get with your Garden Time starter kit is perfect for spinach. Use it raw in salads or lightly cook it for sag paneer – it’s a very versatile plant.


This is another of the herbs of song made famous by Simon and Garfunkel. Thyme is another fragrant ancient herb that was used by the Greeks for bathing and for burning as incense. It’s lovely with cheese and it’s delicious on fish. Tied into bundles it’s a wonderful flavourant for soups. It grows best in sunny areas with good soil, so it will be perfect in your Garden Time where it can receive the right amount of growing light and rest and grow year after year.

You can also choose other herbs for your Garden Time like various types of lettuce, kale, and watercress. Since Garden Time makes it easy to grow herbs indoors, you can enjoy fresh salad greens and herbs anytime you want, without worrying about the outdoor weather. It’s fun to grow your own food with your kids, too, and show them the joy that comes from cultivating plants. So be sure to pick up a starter kit with your Garden Time and enjoy your own kitchen herb garden

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