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Father's Day Gift Ideas: The most innovative present for your dad

Presents for dad - garden time

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dad, this Father’s Day? Well then, your search ends right here, since Garden Time is the perfect gift for any dad. If your father has a love for plants, but can’t take good care of them due to work (or just plain forgetfulness), this innovative product will put a smile on his face.


What is Garden Time? Do I put my dad in the garden?

No, please don’t do that! Garden Time is an automated growing system, which is perfect for growing small plants and herbs. It is ideal for busy people who do not have the time to take care of their plants. Or, if you’re forgetful by nature and tend to forget about your plants for weeks on end, Garden Time will save you from guilt! Garden Time takes care of your plants and herbs, so you can adorn your home or office with some greenery, without having to worry about maintenance. Available in three different colours, this new gadget is perfect for your living space. It will blend in with the furniture, while your plants grow at a faster-than-normal rate.


Will my plants really grow faster, with Garden Time?

Yes, they will. Due to the purple LED light which is switched on during its ‘growing’ mode, your plants actually grow faster than usual. You can change the light’s intensity if you like, and therefore, you will have control over your plant’s growth rate.


How does the unit work?

Garden Time has limitless customizable settings, which you can change as per your wants. The automated grow system runs on the 888 technology, which is an automated cycle between three 8-hour periods. In this system, the three cycles are broken down into growing, light and off periods. When it’s daytime and hence the best time for your plant to grow, the ‘growing’ mode will be on. For the next 8 hours, during the evening and such, the ‘light’ mode will be on, where some white LED lights on top of the units turn on, and simulate day time conditions. And at night, after darkness falls, your plants will rest as the product stays on its ‘off’ mode.

The plants are grown at the bottom of the unit, in the iPot. The intelligent pot (iPot) can retain up to 30 days’ water supply, which it provides to your plants slowly and continuously, so you don’t have to worry about watering them.

The iPot is made of two layers. The inner layer has soil or the seedling potting mix (i.e., if you choose to buy the starter kit), and the plants themselves. The outer layer is where the water is stored, and it is conveyed to the soil pot (inner layer) through a rope. This ensures that the soil is always moist, and your plants are well-fed and happy. It’s the perfect solution to your problem of being unable to water the plants.

The iPot also has an intelligent marker, which informs you when water levels are running low.


But won’t it look out of place?

Not at all. The unit is small, measuring 330 mm x 330 mm, and can be placed in any corner, or even on a study desk. It is available in three colours to match your decor – white, black and wooden. The white and black designs look stylish and sleek, and are perfect for a place with modern fittings and urban decor. The ‘wooden’ design, on the other hand, will suit a more traditionally furnished place, with polished wooden furniture. It’ll add some quiet appeal to the room, and your visitors will be impressed with your love for plants, too!

Buy your Garden Time now!


That’s all great, but won’t it burn a hole in my pocket?

Once again, negative. The time and money-saving device is priced at $149.95, with optional add-ons such as the starter kit and mist sprayer, available at $19.99 and $5.50 respectively. The starter kit includes the mist sprayer.

Unfortunately, starter kits are not available in Western Australia and Tasmania, due to their strict biosecurity laws.

You don’t have to worry about power consumption either, for Garden Time is energy efficient, and only consumes about 0.1 kW per day.


Can I only use it for growing small indoor plants?

Garden Time can be used in a variety of ways. It would make a great, thoughtful gift for the plant-loving friend who always forgets to water his plants. Or it could be used to add some greenery (and oxygen) to your severe and solemn-looking office space – you’d probably yawn a lot less while at work, that way. Or it could also be used to grow herbs right on your kitchen counter, without having to worry about taking care of them. That way, your herbs will always be as fresh as it gets!

Apart from that, its features are pretty useful, too. The white LED lights in the unit can also be used as a reading light, table lamp, or light in general. Garden Time itself can be used as a paperweight, in addition to an automated growing system. It can also be used during some light weight training. I’m joking, of course. Although you really could grow some cacti or poison ivy in it, and use it for self-defence, in an emergency. Be creative!

Buy yours now!

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