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It’s hobby time! Pick up an easy new hobby today: Gardening

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Weekends can sometimes get pretty boring, can’t they? I mean, weekends are fun, but it’s when you’ve already been to a party, finished watching that movie, and reading that novel, that you start to wonder what you should do with your time. Two days can be a lot of time to kill. And, when you ask your friends, they say “Get a new hobby”.

But, well, things are never that simple, are they? Hobbies are time (and money!) consuming affairs…..right? Wrong! If you’re looking for a productive, healthy hobby which is also easy and cost-effective, start gardening.

Of course, going out to dig up a patch of garden, sow seeds and weed them faithfully everyday, is not everyone’s idea of fun. But what if you could plant some seeds, and watch them grow, while also not having to take care of them? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But with Garden Time, that is possible. All you need to do is plant the seeds and fill some water into the iPot, and you’re done for up to a month. Garden Time will take care of the plant for you, and you’ll have some greenery, not to mention some extra Oxygen, in your home!


Benefits of Garden Time include:

  1. You don’t have to spend time watering your plants, or worry about forgetting to water them;
  2. The purple ‘grow’ light makes your plants grow faster;
  3. Because of a regular supply of water and automated growth lights, your plants will be healthy and happy;
  4. Garden Time looks compact and modern, so it’ll add to your décor;
  5. You’ll get some extra Oxygen at home, without the fuss of having to take care of plants!;
  6. Your herbs will be as fresh as it gets!


How does Garden Time work?

The heart of the appliance is the iPot, which is made of an inner and an outer pot. The inner pot is the sPot (or Soil Pot), and it houses the plants and the seedling mix. It also has a rope entering it from the bottom, which ensures that the soil is always moist.

The outer pot is where the water is stored. Depending on several factors such as weather conditions and type of plant, it can store water for up to 30 days.

The appliance also has an in-built automated grow system, which provides optimum light conditions for the plant (or plants) to grow, and rest. These factors make sure that your plant gets some real VIP treatment, and is happy and well-fed at all times.

Garden Time serves well as a gift, too. If a relative or partner needs a hobby, Garden Time is the perfect solution to their problem. With Garden Time, they can keep the plants in their room, or even on their bedside table. Another advantage of that would be that they would be able to use its white LED lights as a reading light. It’ll add to the overall décor and make itself useful, all while providing oxygen.

If they like cooking and use herbs often, they can keep the device on their kitchen counter. It takes up very little space, is not messy, and it’ll ensure that their herbs are always fresh for cooking. One other great use for GT is using it to grow medicinal herbs, for common ailments such as cold and fever, or for cuts and burns. Aloe vera is a great plant for cuts and burns, and it can also be used to cure skin problems. So, grow some aloe vera in your bedroom today!

Garden Time is available for only $119.95. For an additional $19.99, you can add in a Starter Kit, which includes a seedling potting mix, mist sprayer, and two packets of seeds of your selection. Currently, we offer 21 different varieties of seeds. All orders must be placed online.

Delivery is made within 1-2 business days. Delivery charges are included in the price.


Buy Garden Time now!

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