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Father's Day Gift Ideas: The most innovative present for your dad

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dad, this Father’s Day? Well then, your search ends right here, since Garden Time is the perfect gift for any dad. If your father has a love for plants, but can’t take good care of them due to work (or just plain forgetfulness), this innovative product will put a smile on...

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Anniversary gifts: Celebrate Special Anniversaries with Garden Time

We celebrate many traditional and non-traditional anniversaries in our lives. Think of all the people you know (including yourself) who are, or will be celebrating the anniversary of a first date, a wedding, induction into service, graduating from school, the adoption of a child or pet, and even the anniversary of overcoming a personal challenge.   Garden Time Brings Nature...

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Kids Gardening: Teach Your Kids How to Grow Plants Using Garden Time

Are you sometimes stuck trying to think up ways to engage your kids during school holidays? Or maybe you want to supplement their learning through fun and memorable things you can do together? Consider growing a fresh garden using Garden Time. It’s a great activity you can do together, and kids gardening is a gift you can give your kids...

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Garden Time makes the Perfect gift idea

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Do the things you see in stores not suit the person you are shopping for? Consider the gift of a plant, but not just in any container. Garden Time is perfect for anyone – young or old, green thumb or not. What is Garden Time? Garden Time is a modern way to keep...

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