Exciting plant gifts to Combine with the Garden Time Indoor Planter

Garden Time is a revolution in growing plants successfully indoors. You can grow just about anything indoors - from salad greens to bonsai. With our two-pot system, consisting of the outer iPot and the inner sPot, it's easier than growing radishes! more.

Have Fun Creating Your Windowsill Kitchen Garden with our Herb Kit in the Garden Time Planter

Are you a fan of Masterchef Australia? How often have you seen those talented cooks confronted with their mystery boxes, needing to create an original dish with a unique taste? Do you envy them as they rush into the garden to fetch some fresh more.

Why You Should Establish a Self-Sufficient Garden in Your Australia Office - Advantages of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants and Herbs in Garden Time Self-Watering Planters

Have you ever noticed that many offices these days seem to have a semi-dead pot plant lurking in the far corner? The two main reasons why indoor plants don’t fare well are insufficient light and a lack of regular watering. With Garden Time more.

Grow Your Own Herb Garden and Herbal Plants Indoors in Pots and Containers for Calm and Relaxation

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression? You can experience the benefits of horticultural therapy with any size garden, and if you don’t have a lot of space or you are new to gardening, a Garden Time self-automated planter with herbs is an more.

Keep Your Herb Garden and Plants Alive with Artificial Light Technology – Get an Indoor Planter with Lights Online

Creating and maintaining a garden is work and certainly not for the faint of heart. There’s the tilling of soil and planting of seeds, plus ongoing work with weeding and watering. more.

Gift Quick Growing Garden Herbs That Everyone Can Use – Buy a Mini Herb Planter Kit at Garden Time

Finding the right gift can be a pain. Depending on your recipient, there may not be many options for things that are both useful and wanted. The last thing you need is to offer a gift that will end up being one of those items stashed in the garage more.

Own Something Different With a Hydroponic Herb Garden

You love to be different and that’s a wonderful thing. When family and friends visit you, they’re excited to see what you’ve added to your home. So why not excite them more with something that’s truly state of the art and can’t be found anywhere else more.


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