Gift Quick Growing Garden Herbs That Everyone Can Use – Buy a Mini Herb Planter Kit at Garden Time

Finding the right gift can be a pain. Depending on your recipient, there may not be many options for things that are both useful and wanted. The last thing you need is to offer a gift that will end up being one of those items stashed in the garage or basement. Not only is that disappointing but wasteful, as it’s not being used.

One thing that’s sure not to be one of those gifts is a mini herb garden kit from Garden Time. This is an item that everyone can use and will love. It not only provides plant lovers, nature enthusiasts and caretakers an effortless way of growing healthy robust greenery that can serve many uses, but it’s a modern technological invention that we think is just awesome.

We’ve been providing this indoor herb growing kit for three years. We’re an online company that believes everyone can own and care for healthy strong plants and herbs indoors, no matter their skill or schedule. So don’t worry about your recipient’s ability to care for these plants, they’re a no-brainer.

Buy a Herb Planter That Your Recipient Can Enjoy Every Day of the Year

We know that many plants have a shelf life regardless of how well they’re maintained. During the spring, summer, and even early autumn, you enjoy the fresh smelling bounty on your kitchen windowsill or living room coffee table, only to see it wither no matter what you do by the winter. It’s worse if you live in an area where sunlight is hard to find.

Finally, you can gift a plant that lasts all year without having to scout around for areas of sunlight or water it daily. Our indoor herb garden doesn’t rely on the sun to reach its potential. It operates on a self-automated growing system that runs on innovative 888 technology.

This technology uses two types of LED light to control the growth cycle, which runs eight hours of growing time, eight hours of light time and eight hours being completely quiet. With a push of a button, your recipient can also adjust the level of brightness to speed up or slow down growth.

Even better, watering is only needed every 30 days! These quick growing herbs are housed in a pot that feeds water as it is needed by your plants. The result is vibrant sturdy greenery to enjoy.

There Are So Many Ways to Appreciate This Planter – It’s Several Gifts in One

Apart from growing indoor plants the easy way, this is the perfect gift if you want to give someone something versatile. For the avid book reader, our white LED light is perfect for putting the planter by a bedside or end table to read. Or for the culinary connoisseur, have a fresh supply of organically-grown herbs for your favourite dishes, right from home.

The ideas are limitless. Gift something that you know will be used and thus be valued. Contact us today to learn more about how to buy this unique herb planter.


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