Own Something Different With a Hydroponic Herb Garden

You love to be different and that’s a wonderful thing. When family and friends visit you, they’re excited to see what you’ve added to your home. So why not excite them more with something that’s truly state of the art and can’t be found anywhere else. Get a hydroponic herb garden from Garden Time.

We’re an online company who have been in business for three years and we’re proud to present a very unique product. The hydroponic herb garden is ideal for plant lovers who are pressed for time and can’t maintain a large garden or a traditional houseplant. The uniqueness and versatility of our planter make this ideal for everyone who wants to add a bit of nature into their space.

What makes this planter a standout is the technology, which requires no sunlight or daily watering. Enjoy fresh herbs and plants year-round with innovative 888 technology that uses LED lights to control plant growth. Adjust the level of lighting to regulate the speed of growth. Only water every 30 days since our special ipot utilises a rope that delivers the right amount of water to your plants when they need it.

Enjoy its sleek modern design and colour that blends in and complements every environment aesthetically. Save time having to water and find locations for the perfect lighting. Save money in constantly replacing plants and buying herbs for cooking. Have something different to add to your collection of conversation pieces.

Contact us today to discover more about the hydroponic herb garden and say goodbye to caring tirelessly for indoor plants the old way.


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