Keep Your Herb Garden and Plants Alive with Artificial Light Technology – Get an Indoor Planter with Lights Online

Creating and maintaining a garden is work and certainly not for the faint of heart. There’s the tilling of soil and planting of seeds, plus ongoing work with weeding and watering.

If you’re not thinking about that type of gardening, even maintaining potted plants (indoors or outdoors) can be a lost cause. You have to have the right lighting conditions to start with and even then, you have to keep up with watering. Unless you’re disciplined in maintaining an indoor garden planter, those poor plants are bound to wilt away.

Don’t give up on your dreams of having a lovely garden though. Garden Time can make that possible.

We’re an online company who have been in business for three years offering a unique state-of-the-art product for those wanting to have an indoor garden, but who just don’t have the time or skills to maintain it.

Our product is an indoor herb garden with artificial light that uses a self-automated growing system to manage your plants’ needs for water and light, to eventually grow into robust, healthy herbs or plants that are perfect for cooking or decorating your space.

Automated Indoor Garden Lights Allow You to Put Your Garden Virtually Everywhere

You could live in a cave and your plants will still grow as wild as a forest with our special 888 technology! This technology is fully automated, running on eight hours of purple (grow) light, another eight hours of white light, and switching off for the final eight hours of the day. This results in balanced growth.

You’ll know what stage your plants are in with just a glance. The growing stage operates on a purple light, which is generated using an LED – a low cost, low voltage and low heat option. This light is as effective as anything that’s on the market today. Significantly, this light can be programmed to dim its brightness, thus adjusting the rate of growth.

The white light is also an LED and can not only aid in maintaining healthy plants, but serve as lighting for other activities such as reading or creating low light ambiance.

Our Product’s Other Features Will Ensure You Have the Garden That You’ve Always Wanted

A herb garden with artificial light can allow you to set it and forget it. Beyond the self-automated 888 technology, our product is an iPot that retains water for 30 days, slowly feeding plants daily. It’s made up of an inner and outer pot that can be separated. The water is held in the lower pot where a rope that runs through it feeds water to the plants.

This design is effective because it allows water to reach the roots as needed. An intelligent buoy notifies you when the water levels are low, so there is no way that you can forget to water your plants. With this garden planter controlled by lights, all you have to do is water it twelve times a year, what a relief!

Contact us today to get your hands on a convenient garden option for those who aren’t natural green thumbs. You’ll love having greenery in your space again with a product that’s changing how people care for indoor plants.


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