Exciting plant gifts to Combine with the Garden Time Indoor Planter

Garden Time is a revolution in growing plants successfully indoors. You can grow just about anything indoors - from salad greens to bonsai. With our two-pot system, consisting of the outer iPot and the inner sPot, it's easier than growing radishes!

You can order our Garden Time indoor planter together with a starter kit. With basil, chives, coriander, mint, oregano, rocket, sage, spinach, and thyme, you can try out a variety of recipes. Excellent if you love cooking and trying out new flavour combinations. The garden time system is wonderful for cacti and succulents too. But if you know even a little bit about plants, you'll tell us that many kitchen herbs are relatively easy to grow anyway and taking care of cacti and succulents is even simpler.

Take your indoor planting talent to the next level with the Garden Time indoor planter

Some people sigh, shrug their shoulders, and say, "I don't have green fingers, not a bit. I once bought a cactus and even managed to let that die." For such people, indoor plant gifts such as the Garden Time are a plant lifesaver. On the other hand, you may also have friends who steal dying plants from the rubbish, put them into soil and bring them back to life, making them grow even more abundantly than before. Imagine how they would react if you were to give them a Garden Time planter. Add to it a truly challenging plant to grow, such as…

  • Bonsai: We've already mentioned the bonsai, the cute miniature tree that can grow for more than a hundred years. A bonsai used to be rare, but nowadays you'll find an array of Ficus benjamina bonsai in garden centres, waiting for new owners. There's nothing special about these anymore. Mind you, even this fig tree species can present a challenge, since it's sensitive to changes in the environment. Do not move it too often. Consider the rhododendron bonsai, a wild tamarind, or a cherry tree as indoor plant gifts to accompany a Garden Time planter.
  • Miniature orchids: Taking care of orchids is always tricky. Even the very common Phalaenopsis moth orchid can quickly perish if you water them too often, causing their roots to rot. But nowadays, miniature orchids are becoming increasingly popular. A tiny Phalaenopsis or Cattleya will fit perfectly inside a Garden Time planter. That's definitely worth a try, wouldn't you say?
  • Wasabi: Experts deem wasabi to be the most difficult plant in the world to grow commercially. Even worse, most wasabi available in Australia is made from horseradish and food colouring. So, grow your own. Mazuma seeds are easily available in Australia. You can also buy a rhizome. It should thrive well in a Garden Time planter. Only take care, because eventually the plant will outgrow its pot. The leaves and flowers are edible too, by the way.

Do you feel your green fingers beginning to itch? Want to know more? We can give you many tips. Don't hesitate any longer. A multitude of plants fit easily into a Garden Time planter. If they don't, miniature versions exist.


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