Why You Should Establish a Self-Sufficient Garden in Your Australia Office - Advantages of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants and Herbs in Garden Time Self-Watering Planters

Have you ever noticed that many offices these days seem to have a semi-dead pot plant lurking in the far corner? The two main reasons why indoor plants don’t fare well are insufficient light and a lack of regular watering. With Garden Time’s self-watering planters, it is easy to set up an indoor self-sufficient garden. If you are not convinced that you need plants in your office at all, consider some of the lesser-known benefits you could garner from your Garden Time indoor planter.

The Benefits of Office Plants

  • Live plants on your desk can help to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms and can uplift your mood, making you more likely to be productive.
  • By surrounding yourself with plants, you proclaim a connection with nature, which can help to make you more approachable to colleagues and clients.
  • Successfully growing office plants can boost your self-esteem and create a talking point with colleagues at work.
  • By adding something beautiful to your office, you can positively influence your attitude to work.

It’s Easy to Set Up a Self-Sufficient Garden in Your Office

There are lots of ornamental, low-maintenance indoor plants in Australia, but low maintenance herbs are also an attractive choice. Once you’ve set up your Garden Time planter, it can operate autonomously for up to thirty days. If you suddenly get called away for a business trip or take a few days’ leave, you won’t need to worry that your plants are in the dark or that the soil will dry out.

Low light, and the absence of natural light in most offices, cause indoor plants to grow straggly and their colour to fade. Garden Time’s indoor planters have their own built-in light which operates on a timer. In a 24-hour cycle your plants will receive white light for eight hours, growth light for eight hours, and eight hours of darkness so that the plants can rest. The light source is LED, consuming less than 0.1kw of energy per day.

Maintaining a regular watering routine for office plants can be difficult, with the result that plants get flooded or dry out by turns. With Garden Time’s self-automated growth system, plants or seeds are established in the sPot of the double-pot planter, and the iPot is filled with water. Your plants are gradually watered by a rope strung through the pot at root level, and there is even an intelligent buoy that warns you when the water level runs low.

With a Garden Time indoor planter, you will be able to create the beauty of a self-sufficient garden in Australia right in your office. Don’t want to schlep around bags of potting soil and garden supplies? Add a starter kit and a misting bottle to your order and you will have everything you need to start a garden in your office. Email or phone us today to order your Garden Time indoor planter.


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