Have Fun Creating Your Windowsill Kitchen Garden with our Herb Kit in the Garden Time Planter

Are you a fan of Masterchef Australia? How often have you seen those talented cooks confronted with their mystery boxes, needing to create an original dish with a unique taste? Do you envy them as they rush into the garden to fetch some fresh herbs or brightly coloured flowers? Perhaps you've told yourself a hundred times that you'd love to have your own herb garden. But what if you live in a small apartment, with just a balcony, or not even that? What if you simply cannot spare the necessary room inside? Then there's no use beginning a herb garden, is there?

Don't dismiss your gardening plans just yet! Examine your living room, your bedroom, kitchen, hallway or even bathroom. You're bound to find one or more spots where a 335 x 150 x 335 mm object would fit in. You may protest that there may be a bit of room, but there will never be enough light. What if we told you that the Garden Time planter supplies its own light? All it needs is a tiny bit of space, a power point and fresh water every 30 days. It’s that easy! Garden Time planters work by cultivating seeds, so that they grow and flourish more so than your standard outdoor plant.

You have no excuse for not starting to garden with our Garden Time kitchen herb planter

Gary, George and Matt always prompt the contestants to bring their dish to a higher level. You can do so too with a Garden Time kitchen herb planter and a windowsill herb garden kit. A sprinkle of fresh lemon balm on top of your ice cream, a dash of rosemary in your cookies, just a pinch of mustard leaves in your cauliflower puree – it makes a remarkable difference. Let us help you with the kitchen herb garden kit which accompanies our Garden Time indoor planter. With basil, chives, coriander, mint, oregano, rocket, sage, spinach and thyme, we help you on your way. After this, it's a matter of ordering some seed packets at a local supplier.

Order the Garden Time planter and sow the seeds, it's easy. Take a look at the small device as it silently does its work in its own corner. It's lovely to witness the tiny seeds germinate, to observe how the first leaves or cotyledons sprout, and how the real leaves soon follow. Not a day goes by without discovering something new. It's a delight to watch how small plants grow bigger. It's bliss to take a whiff at fresh basil or oregano. Knowing you've planted it yourself, and have seen it evolve, makes it precious.

Fresh herbs every day

Enjoy fresh herbs for your kitchen throughout the year with no help required, and never lose any plants because you forgot to water them.

Available in white, black, and wood, the Garden Time indoor planter will fit in any interior. Order a starter kit which already contains two seed packets of your selection and the necessary potting mix plus a mist sprayer. After that, there's no limit to what you can do with the Garden Time save your own imagination. Pressed for ideas which herbs or flowers to buy next? Call us or send us an email. We would love to help you with more ideas.


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