Garden Time

Garden Time Australia

Garden Time is a self-automated grow system running on 888 technology.

The 888 technology is an automated cycle between 8-hour periods. For example:

  • 8 hours grow (7am - 3pm)
  • 8 hours light (3pm - 11pm)
  • 8 hours off (rest 11pm - 7am)

The iPot also retains up to 30 days of water, slowly feeding your plants day by day.

Garden Time has limitless settings, it could be used either as fresh herbs on your counter ready to put into your cooking, or plant design to bring a bit of nature into your home or office. Best of all, none of your living organisms will die and fail miserably like in the past. How?

Because Garden Time is self-automated, it requires very little care and attention from human contact. That is if you forget about your Garden Time say for a whole month, your plants and herbs would still be alive and well. Best of all, they grow at a rate faster than normal!



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